Dr. Volkmar Jesch

Attorney, Partner

Born 1958 in Tübingen, Germany. Trained as a banker at Commerzbank AG, studied law in Heidelberg. Served as research associate for the teaching chair of Prof. Dr. Othmar Jauernig and completed his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Peter Ulmer. Admitted to practice as an attorney (Rechtsanwalt) since 1989. Worked in Frankfurt until 1992 and then in Dresden; based in Berlin since 1998. Partner at the following law firms: Boesebeck, Barz & Partner; Boesebeck Droste; Lovells Boesebeck Droste, and Lovells; joined LJRR in 2005.

Co-author of a commentary on the Investitionsvorranggesetz (InVorG, Law Establishing the Priority of Investment in the Case of Restitution Claims)

Areas of consulting expertise

  • Real estate law and real estate transactions
  • Legal advice on complex foreclosure proceedings
  • Litigation under civil law
  • Litigation under public law in matters involving the laws governing German Unification (Wiedervereinigungsrecht)

Dr. Volkmar Jesch is author of the book Ein Quantum Zeit – Wahrscheinliche Zufälle, Seltsame Wirklichkeit, Wunderbarer Kosmos (A Quantum of Time – Probable Coincidences, Strange Realities, and a Wonderful Cosmos).

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